Courses Offered

Covenant Bible Training offers 5 express courses, a bachelors degree in Bible Studies, and ministers license.

Express Courses 

These courses are a condensed version of the courses offered under our degree program. They are designed to highlight important factors within each course to gain knowledge and practical tools to be more effective in ministry. The express course are done online with additional interaction with the professor via video or conference call. They are taught over 3 weeks, with assignments that leads to a certificate in each course.

Spiritual Warfare 

This class is designed to not only enlighten  students on how to properly war in the spirit, it also exposes the enemy. One can not be effective in spiritual warfare without knowing various ways to identify their opponent. This class does just that, and teaches students how to war in the spirit.


Many people believe evangelism is only the sharing of the gospel. True evangelism yields results as the gospel is hear. Additionally, evangelism should lead to discipleship and a place where people can learn and grow.

Church Leadership 

Leadership is beyond the ability to get someone to follow up. It is the ability to maintain your integrity, and lead from a lifestyle of discipline. Church leadership is no different. However, this course helps to identify healthy church habits, and causes students to take a self-evaluation of themselves as they are challenged to be better leaders.

Effective Outreach 

Outreach is simply sharing the love of God. In order to be effective, that love must take root. This class not only opens one’s eyes to what all outreach entails, it also provides students with a different perspective on how we are to live and the proper way to reap the harvest that has been set before us.

Foundations of Christianity

Often times people get saved and have no direction on what to do next. This class helps to provide basic Christian principles and instructions as we follow Christ.